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I think we eat out too much.


Aside from going to class/doing homework and being at ACM, I don’t do… anything. In fact, sleeping probably doesn’t make the list of “things I spend a lot of time doing” right now. But tonight after spending hours at ACM with Majnematic debugging my code… I was feeling extremely crappy (I’m kinda sick) and actually turned down going out to dinner with the people remaining in the ACM office — somewhat of a rare occurrence.

I am starting to think I might need to stop emptying my bank account almost directly into my stomach. Yesterday bnooka2 and I determined a enforcing a weekly limit on eating at Cravings is necessary (he says 1 time / week… which seems reasonable). However, Cravings had been used up for last week and we didn’t want to go tonight. Instead we reflected on the mayhem that was this past week in terms of eating:

Sunday: was starving since dorm doesn’t serve dinner… went to Basil Thai by myself.
Tuesday: Zorba’s with icono and bnooka2 as we worked on lots of assembly code, and then Espresso
Wednesday: ordered Silver Mine Subs during the Conference staff meeting
Thursday: Cravings with bnooka2 right before ACM open house in order to avoid pizza
Saturday: Espresso with Noam (YAY!) during the day, Saigon Cafe with bnooka2 and icono, before working on more code for CS241, and then Espresso AGAIN with the whole gang.

Things were starting to get excessive by yesterday. Noam and I also went to lunch today and then Espresso again today, which was totally necessary. Dorm food quality is partially to blame, as well as strange eating schedules and peer pressure from other ACMers who don’t feel like cooking and don’t live in dorms. Also, eating is a really good excuse to NOT be programming.

Nevertheless, probably should try to cut back this week. sleep++; eating out–;


pizza strike


Classes began again today. Crazy. Yesterday at quad day, I was verbally battered by lots of people screaming for me and everyone around to join their clubs… every single club uses the same technique to attract people: “COME TO OUR FIRST MEETING! NEXT WEDNESDAY AT 7! FREE PIZZA!”

Unfortunately, I overdosed on pizza two semesters ago and never recovered. Therefore, I have embarked on a mission: to avoid pizza for as long as possible. I know this is sounds like a lofty goal for a college student. But that just makes it all the more challenging.

I haven’t had pizza in a while actually, but for reference, today is day 1 of the Pizza Strike. No one else seems to want to participate in a pizza strike… but it would be great to see how long someone can eat ONLY pizza (or at least pizza every day)… I don’t know which proposition is more ridiculous at college.