pizza strike

by mo on 08/24/2008

Classes began again today. Crazy. Yesterday at quad day, I was verbally battered by lots of people screaming for me and everyone around to join their clubs… every single club uses the same technique to attract people: “COME TO OUR FIRST MEETING! NEXT WEDNESDAY AT 7! FREE PIZZA!”

Unfortunately, I overdosed on pizza two semesters ago and never recovered. Therefore, I have embarked on a mission: to avoid pizza for as long as possible. I know this is sounds like a lofty goal for a college student. But that just makes it all the more challenging.

I haven’t had pizza in a while actually, but for reference, today is day 1 of the Pizza Strike. No one else seems to want to participate in a pizza strike… but it would be great to see how long someone can eat ONLY pizza (or at least pizza every day)… I don’t know which proposition is more ridiculous at college.