Regular Ordinary Swedish Haircut Time

by mo on 04/13/2011

Last Thursday, in order to celebrate a quarter-year spent in Sweden, the coming of spring, and my general aversion to having a lot of hair, I decided to go on a haircutting adventure.

I bought a couple hair magazines, looking for short, Swedish-looking styles, and the one that kept recurring was some variety of this Robyn look. Or this one. Sounds good, I thought.

No one I knew had any salon recommendations in Lund, so I sort of randomly chose Klipphuset downtown.

My hairdresser was a middle-aged woman who really didn’t speak English (everyone in Lund speaks perfect English…except for my hairdresser!) So, the number of ways I could describe what I wanted was rather limited. I could basically say:

– I want it very different
– I want it like these pictures
– I am sick of having lots of hair

She was very skeptical of my haircut desires. She kept being like “your hair is so thick, it will end up SO short and SO manly…”

She then tried to get me to pick a different hairstyle and I kind of sat there awkwardly for a while, not choosing one. She was like “Do you want to think about it and come back?” At which point I said something to the effect of “No. I want a haircut now, short is ok and manly is ok.” And then she sighed and said “Okay, well, we’ll try.”

Then, halfway through the haircut, she started getting really into it, and was all, “what if we do this side really short and leave this side long, it’ll be asymmetrical!” Oh, NOW you get into it?! Well, whatever, I think she succeeded.

And +1 language accomplishment — definitely one of the first times I felt like “Phew, good thing I’ve been vaguely learning Swedish for the past three months.”


(apologies for inconsistency of mirror vs. non-mirror pics)


With straightening

Action shot with Jennifer!

And, when necessary: