What I learned and saw on the first day of 2010

by mo on 01/2/2010

Four Lessons Learned on 1/1/10:

1) Don’t EVER. And I mean EVER. Attempt to go to Asakusa on New Years. That might have been the largest crowd I have ever seen.
2) Bring your passport when checking into hotels in Tokyo, aka don’t leave it in Kobe. Whoops.
3) The hot drinks that come out of vending machines on the street and convenience stores are hot enough to hurt your hands. Mostly because they are in metal cans.
4) Kinki Kids has at least 100,000 fans, and I met all of them. About half are girls under 17. About half are women over 45.

Five Strange things seen on 1/1/10:

Unenthusiastic Daikon, Asakusa

Star Wars Pachinko, Tokyo Dome City


Unko-san characters (yes, it is what it looks like, “unko” means “poop”), Tokyo Dome City


Cold Cre Hot Creape, Tokyo Dome City

Apparently not only can you cross crepes and creeps to get creapes, you also can stop halfway in the middle of their name to decide whether they are hot or cold. FYI it was delicious. When I am fat I’m blaming you, Japan, and your non-Japanese yet delicious snack food.


School of Lock (for those who were rejected from School of Rock?), Tokyo Dome City