by mo on 12/31/2009

μ(ミュー), my friends’ singing group, alumni of chorus club from Nanjo, started singing together as their own ensemble after graduation (almost a year ago). They auditioned and made it into ハモネプ (HamoNepu), an a cappella competition on national TV in Japan, in May and November I believe. The 8 of them are college students in the Kobe area, but still perform live as well.

I sat in on one of their rehearsals at my friend Yuka’s house before their concert on December 28th. This was when the infamous boob-grabbing incident I wrote about last time happened XD

μ rehearsing:
Mayu, Kana, Nori, Yuka, Ayaka, Aki





And the best part of the afternoon (well, maybe second to boob-grabbing)… Mayu-chan deciding to redo her hair:




The concert was at a really small venue, Maiden Voyage, where Yuka works on weekends. The first band was a traditional guitar-bass-drums-vocals group. The vocalist/guitarist (who is also Yuka’s bf) kept saying a bunch of really funny and adorable things like “most other bands have lyrics that are supposed to mean… uhh… something. Ours uuuhhhhh… don’t. That last song was called ‘Osaka Loop Line’ and this next one is ‘Whale’… uhh… thanks for coming.”

Then μ came on and did their thang. Sadly I didn’t get any good pics of the concert (my camera kinda sucks at darkness.) But there are some on the μ blog and they also have a website in case you just happen to be stopping by like me.

Here they were performing at HamoNepu in November: