by mo on 09/24/2009

I don’t see how I was unaware of this phenomenon for two years.

Olga tore me away from Siebel Center to go with her and Kellie to the most ridiculous thing ever: Lobster Night at the campus dining halls. The line didn’t quite wrap around the entire dorm but it was pushing it, and once we entered there were vast lines to be served said lobster one-by-one by a dining hall worker who enjoyed naming lobsters as he dished them out (I believe Olga’s was Inglourious Basterd, and I didn’t catch my lobster’s name).

Miraculously, the three of us found three adjacent spots at a table and sat down next to some baloons. We skipped the line where they rip your lobster apart for you, and despite having no special utensils Olga and I managed to destroy our lobsters with some success. Om nom nom indeed. Kellie watched, somewhat revolted, and commented on the dining staff dressed in lobster hats, a giant lobster suit, and a clam suit…

Here is my lobster. I didn’t name him, since server-boy failed to:

This is what I did to the poor thing. Made him into the monolith from 2001.

The dining hall was filled to roughly 3x the normal capacity. This meant we were very cozy with our neighbors, who we kept spraying in lobster. Messiest food ever. Luckily we were not the kid at the tray return who spilled lobster juice all over his foot. Bad night for flip flops. I do, however, regret having to use my iPhone during this meal. I’m sorry iPhone… I need to give you a bath now…

Olga went all-out on this meal. Her lobster enjoyed spooning with the corn.

DAMN surreal.