Bubble Tea in Mountain View: Verde Tea Lounge

by mo on 06/29/2009

I swear not *everything* I do lately is tea. For example, on Friday we went out to dinner and to the beach. On Saturday, we spent all day at the beach. But tonight, we experienced some really good bubble tea.

Taken by Wit’s suggestion, we ventured to Mountain View, which has many good food venues, some of which are classier than others. Dinner was consumed at a Mongolian BBQ place which was okay, like Flat Top but more low-key and fewer sauce choices (good for indecisive people like me).

After dinner we got bubble tea at Verde Tea Espresso Bar which held the magical bubble tea. At 10pm on a Sunday night it was crowded, but despite the hefty line, the bubble tea was served with amazing speed. Very impressed. Good ambience. They had all the flavors on the menu (as far as we could tell) and didn’t glare you down when you ordered something from there, unlike certain bubble tea places in Chambana…

Also, my sesame bubble tea was some of the best I’ve ever had. Bubbles were just right, and sesame, well, how can you go wrong?


We got the following flavors which apparently all turned out good:
• Strawberry – Tastes like strawberries (amazing!)
• Green Bean – no, not like the vegetable. Kind of like red bean (a sweet bean, with the skins still on) but green.
• Rose Green Tea – beautiful and tasted like you were eating a flower. I’m not sure if this is good or bad, but Bhargav seemed to enjoy it.
• Sesame – pure heaven on ice + tapioca balls.


Chillin’ at the bar. Or counter. Whatever.

Another successful tea journey in the San Francisco Bay area!