Spinning = Gay Clubbing in Bike Form

by mo on 05/23/2012

If you have a soul, you need to try spinning.

What is spinning? Some people describe it (incorrectly) as a fitness activity that involves biking in a gym. However, in actuality, it’s clubbing, in bike form:
– You’re in a dark room.
– House music is blasting, turned up to 11.
– Your super-fab instructor is bopping up and down in front of you and occasionally yelling things at you. His shoulders are enorm.
– There’s a disco ball.

So far so clubbing.

Yes, okay, technically you are on top of a stationery bike. However, you are rarely — you’re standing, moving your arms, and always bouncing your pedals to the beat, making it feel like you’re actually floating, since you’re dancing in midair.

This is the closest YouTube representation I could find — my gym is like this except more of the instructor yelling “OHYEAHHH” in the best way possible every 27 seconds.

Normally, I go clubbing in the Castro every couple of weeks, as I have a fairly strict queer dancing quota (this *is* San Francisco, guys). However, the other week, after a Saturday night party at which it was tragically difficult to convince anyone to go Castro out with me, I was bummed and feeling antsy.

How would I tide myself over for a whole WEEK, Castro-free??!?

But I tried spinning that Tuesday for the first time (as per @lewisisgood‘s recommendation), and let’s just say, QUOTA FULFILLED.

But you don’t have to take MY word for it:

“Carl’s spinning classes are better than a Barcelona discoteca while on stimulants.”

TL;DR: come spinning with me.

P.S. Of COURSE Carl/Karl is both the name of a spinning instructor in San Francisco AND the entirety of San Francisco’s fog. #duh