Fun in COS

by mo on 07/24/2008

No, you don’t have to go to Denver to “chill out”. There is plenty of fun to be had in this city.

On Sunday, I was downtown with Summer, David, and Sim, when we got to talking about spending vs. being thrifty about hair, clothes, etc. We went to Idoru downtown, where I shopped for expensive jeans. Alas, no jeans there were perfect, but this only prepared me for an amazing experience at Gloss, a denim bar up north at Briargate. I went Monday with Ford and Angela, who could bear to spend less than half an hour in this wondrous store, for unknown reasons (probably relating to money?). You know it’s a denim *bar* as opposed to just a *store* when there is a mirrored stage, and they offer you a beverage (like salons do) while shopping. A dozen plus pairs of jeans later, the girl working there and I, using mad teamwork, had narrowed it down to two pairs too good to turn down. What a great inaugural designer jeans experience.

Last night, between the point at which I came home, realized Ford was asleep, and followed suit shortly after (i.e. at midnight), I had some sort of craving for bubble tea and translating. Unfortunately, 11pm was not the time to indulge this craving, so I waited patiently for tonight. I did my research and ended up downtown at the Coffee & Tea Zone (new favorite place). I couldn’t help drinking a large portion of my green tea bubble tea before taking this picture… so good…

Hung out there for a while and translated manga. It was glorious. A group of teenagers came in ~9pm, and were very loud and obnoxious. One of the kids in the group kept saying, “I’ve never had tea!!” Ummm….how can you never have had tea?!? He didn’t mean he’d never had *bubble* tea, just ANY KIND OF TEA. ?????? Weeeeird.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know, if you thought you were stuck mountain biking, rock climbing, or hiking in this town, there is still hope. You can spend ridiculous amounts of money on pants and consume delicious beverages as a healthy alternative!