by mo on 07/17/2008

Tuesday night, Panida and I ventured north to Denver in order to see what turned out to be quite an excellent Feist concert.

The venue — mid-sized, not too crowded. Ate a very salty pretzel here… yum.

Leslie Feist has a great voice. The set list was mainly from her most recent album, The Reminder. The concert t-shirt I bought matches the opening of the show, which looked like this:

Most songs live were done in a fairly similar way to the album versions, with the exception of a rather extended and excellent rendition of 1234.

It was interesting to hear her talk about her music, which she did almost as much as make jokes about being Canadian… I feel like most songs are about love changing as you grow up. However, based on her comments, her life (and all of ours) are movies, and she is writing the soundtrack. For example, she told a story: you are tearing it up on the dance floor as My Moon My Man is playing. Following that, the guy you’re dancing with takes you up on the roof. As you’re walking up, “The Limit to Your Love” is playing. There was a third song for when, six months later, you still haven’t told the guy how you feel about him, *really*.

Anyway, total sweetness. Ben Folds style forced-audience-harmonization was also involved. Here’s some of My Moon My Man: