The Japan-blog is Back in Action

by mo on 06/2/2010

If you’ve ever tried clicking on the “old japanblog” link at the top, you might have noticed that the photos didn’t work, rendering the blog rather worthless. Well, I have good news! I’ve spent the last two days reconstructing the blog and all its photos. It’s also on a blogspot URL for the purposes of keeping it authentic, just how it looked in 2006-7 when I was originally posting to it.

So knock yourself out. Get inside my teenage mind as I adjusted to life as a Japanese schoolgirl, complete with loads of culture shock.

Visit the blog at:

Highlights include…

Jumping off cliffs in Kyoto:

Asking Oguri Shun to marry me on my 18th birthday:
OMG Oguri Shun!

Pulling a danjiri through mountains to welcome fall in:

The overly crowded and beautiful Kobe Luminarie:

My complete and total obsession with ikanago, the west Kobe delicacy:

Throwing surprise parties for Noriko, culture festivals, and TONS of purikura:

Sakura, Takashi, Osaka, and my first encounter with an ice dog:

The ever-popular purple-jacket boy:

And of course, rapping about tea ceremony: